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FIERCEE-HARMONYThere were some disagreements over these photos.

Jen calls the one on the top “fierce,” due to Melissa’s dramatic mugging for the camera look, her darkly painted nails and her hot figure. While I agree, it’s hard for me not to prefer the one on the bottom, since this is how dear Melissa looks 99% of the time. Ever since we’ve know her, and we’ve know her for years, she’s displayed this look of enthusiasm for like everything, including project 99.

David, a handsome and stylish man captured with a winning look in both shots, argues that the one on the bottom is all together too “e-harmony” and much prefers the “fierce one.” So we decided, why not just go with both? This might be this couple’s only internet appearance, at least until their wedding website announces the date and place of their newly agreed upon affair, so we might as well show-off as much as we can!

Tell us – which one do YOU prefer?


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