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Double Der

Derek arrived with a big grin and sleepy eyes. He wanted to know the lay of the land, but more then anything, he wanted a nap. The sleep schedule is all part of a highly orchestrated travel routine organized around the time zones paired to meeting dates, providing time for study, sleep and a little something else in between.

He flys like a pro: a call to his lucky ladies before the flight means there may be an empty seat in first class with his name on it when he gets on board. When there’s a whole row available, D takes advantage and assumes the position. Yup, he’s “that guy” who is already cozied up with a blue fuzzy blanket, black mask covering his eyes and headphones in place, before any of us put our bags in the overhead.

He’s got the know the tricks, since he goes from Asia to Russia to the States and back in less then a month. The chitter chatter coming from the room next door was likely to be Derek Skyping with his Japanese language tutor. Books with fun colored covers spread across the kitchen table in the mornings when he enjoyed one hard boiled egg and a cup of coffee after a long run up the east side.

Aside from fastidious business etiquette, Derek proved to be a good listener with equally good stories to tell. See you next time you fly our way.


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