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Svenn & Ra9

Svenn and Rag-nil-d came in just for the election – a politically correct vacation! Days before the big event, R could be found in the living room trading bloggings with fellow Norwegian journalists. They were all watching us real close; holding their collective breath for the future. The night of ninety-nine’s election projection, R was perched on the arm of the couch while S manned the streaming video. Two politically motivated friends sat between them, equally focused, waiting for a chance to see us Americans party like it’s 1993.

When McCain gave it up, S and R were the most joyful members of our little party. They busted out bottles of bubbly, bought with crossed fingers and a nod toward Karma. Thank god we choose the right guy for the job. Now we can go visit our pals from other countries without blushing red with embarrassment. Fix up your extra bedroom, cause we’re coming to stay with YOU!

(thanks to S & R for their generous contributions to ninety-nine, too numerous and valuable to be listed below)


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