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The Man at the Door

A familiar feeling of fear came over me and froze me to the souls of my boots.

“Jen,” I hissed from the living room, “did you hear that?”

It was ten o’clock and there had just been a quiet but persistent knocking sound coming from the garage.

We call the small space between the elevator shaft and the living room door the “garage” because we store the tools, spray paint and discarded air conditioners up in there. During the day a knock would have meant there was a new visitor just off the lift ready to roll in a suitcase or two. A knock at this hour could only mean one thing: an overgrown human in a long black and hooded cloak just scaled the fire escape and was waiting for us behind the door.

Jen stared back, the whites of her eyes more visible then usual.

“What was that?” she giggled out quietly.

Just when the muscles in our faces began to relax, and the blood flowed again through our veins, the knocking returned. This time louder and with intention.

The man.
He was there at the door.
With the axe.


As Greg came through the hallway, Jen and I realized that the knock was just our lovely neighbor, Jori, hanging something of worth or beauty up on her own living room wall. But still, as I opened the steel door, just to be sure, it was ever so nice to have Greg’s comforting presence behind me. Thankfully for us all, only a darkness stared back.


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If you write a caption to this please say that I love cantaloupe, absolutely love it, almost as much asI loved staying here with you. In fact, I wish I could stay and eat this cantaloupe when it’s ripe, just a few short days from now. Alas, I must go back to LA. But I’ll be back!!! And when I am, you best have a cantaloupe waiting for me.

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Writer’s block

Josh came to us from LA with a shiny blue typewriter, a lamp to write by and a bunch of books. After he set up shop in the studio he took some time to find his way around Chinatown, seeking the right snack for the right moment. Soon after he was right at home.

Nights found Josh languishing on the couch, feet up, laptop glowing with a glimmer in his eye. Occasionally he’d let us in one his inner most thoughts and he was always up for a chat. Some mornings he’d emerge from his room with a bundle of papers ready for his readings. We’re sure he’ll stick around in NYC – he’s got more work to do!

J – you warned us that we might show up one day in one of your screen plays….but you are just as much a part of our story as we will be of yours.

xo, 99dolla.

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Goodbye Little One!

To our own small fish –

thanks for staying with us. your love of sex and the city, marc jacobs, tasty take out and hand drawn sketches made our lives just a bit more lovely. enjoy your new and permanent home!

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