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Nadine of Rock n Roll

You think this is bright? You shoulda seen Nadine’s florescent green sneakers that often matched her eye shadow! This girl would leave the house so styled we’d want to get dressed-up just to walk around with her. Her pistol pocketed pants were a hit all over the city.

In for just a few days to perform a DJ set with her room mate Melissa of Chicks on Speed, Nadine walked around taking pictures of street art, buying zines and keeping her eye out for all things awesome. The highlight of the trip was the Chelsea party where she made a room full of hipsters take to the dance floor till the wee hours of the night.

These Girl Monsters took off to Miami and Pagoda before Nadine had to return to her post as a dramaturge for one of the Hamburg’s main theaters. We hope to visit soon!


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Blue Valentine

Chris would come out in the morning for coffee looking just like this. Shirt off, hair spilling down from the top of his sleepy bed head, white pants sitting just below his waist. And no, we didn’t mind!

This broken lover in exile arrived at the door, suitcase in hand, after waiting anxiously in our staircase for an hour and a half. We took him in and gave him the treatment we give all our guests. Good coffee, a comfortable room and as much companionship as we can offer a wandering soul.

In the mornings, he worked fastidiously on carpentry drawings kept safe in his leather bound book. From a cloud of Bally Shag emerged the design for two hand crafted wooden benches now fondly featured in our living room nook. He also taught us that the every subway platform gets cleaned each and every night and that the small shiny plaques on the back of theater chairs can be removed every so easily with a slight but intentional wiggle for a great memento of a pleasant evening.

Note about Chris: Do not argue with him on the possible or potential merits of adopting a baby from Africa. Also, dinner at Whole Foods will make him feel lonely, especially for the cute girl sitting at your table. And if you let him he will open up completely, his soul naked in front of you, and challenge you to look away.

A gift of white roses bloomed in his absence.

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Breakfast with the Bubels

Claudia and Bettina, sisters who travel well together, woke up every morning with huge smiles and a rad daily agenda. Leave it to these guys to find a cosmopolitan patron for the evening (the drink that is), who also spotted them for the cab ride home.

And their last night? Wandering innocently into a private event at the Gramercy Park Hotel rooftop bar and accidentally rubbing shoulders with Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Ethan Hawke. It was a surprise birthday party, but the shock was all theirs.

Claudia’s teaching schedule allows her the time to travel and Bettina took some vacation from her design job to return to NY after her first trip here left here with days of inspiration. We think of them fondly, while nibbling on their gift of Toblerone and scheming a return visit to Germany.

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Nadja the Music Whiz

The wonders of Craig’s List brought Nadja to Emily’s room at 99dolla, and Emily to Nadja’s flat in Germany. And apartment wechseln! Euch Geil! Chock full of books and records, Nadja’s place was just as cozy as 99. Stay tuned for more info on 99dolla, Berlin branch…

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Sweet as Pie

Good bye lovely couple and thanks for the jellybeans. It was wonderful to have you stay with us and next time we will be sure to have Milk & Honey cocktails!

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