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Like a Ninja

Six tips for blending in, in New York City
by: Mathias Vestergaard

We all have different priorities in life. One thing that is important to me, is to feel at home wherever I am. Especially here in New York. I’m psychologically getting used to the idea of living here, and one of the things I put a lot of effort and thought into, is “blending in”.

Not that I want to be like everyone else. But I want to stand out in a way where neither myself or anybody else thinks of me as a mere tourist and visitor, although that would be more accurate.

It is kind of silly and I happily admit to that, I just want to emphasize that the most important point is not convincing others, but convincing me. It all goes inward. Anyway, if you want to blend in too, here are a couple of tips that you might find useful.

First thing: knowing the right places gives you so much credit. It is almost unbelievable, how much respect you can gain here…

…continued at mathias’ blog: mathiasvestergaard.com


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Mariette and Sander

Mariette hated to have her picture taken, but she loved to eat citrus, have coffee on the roof and carry the weight of the world on her back. Sander was the life of our little party, keeping the beers flowing for the rest of the guests one simple but cozy night at home. Their joint excitement brought them over the Brooklyn Bridge and all the way up through Williamsburg on their very first day.

Both M and S glowed the morning after a slam at the Bowery Poetry Club. Barnes and Noble also treated them well: while S chatted it up in the Sci-Fi aisle, M snacked and read in the cafe. Børre Sæthre’s caged unicorn at PS1 brought a bit of fantasy to life for them both, as their visit came to a close.

But ninety niner’s can talk about matters beyond that which is staged and framed. Joint parental leave, cool headed management and recovery from trauma were all open topics during their stay. Their last day was spent writing postcards and helping us out in the kitchen. Thanks guys, the pumpkin soup came out great!

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Great Dane

Christian was cool: he let us smoke in his room, burn all his CDs, open all his amazon packages and eat all his apples. Plus, at night, he drove us around everywhere in his limo!


This guest was a lesson in humility: best selling authors, it turns out, are just like us. Over two weeks we watched movies on our projector, chatted over lunches and dinners and became friendly supporters of each other’s daily needs. Once again, our experiment turned business proves successful and meaningful beyond the euros exchanged.

Be Good, Xtian, and come visit us again soon!

The Exception: A Novel by Christian Jungersen

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Miss, don’t mess

New Yorkers like to think we know it all, but Maj & Troels gave us a heads up on the Arthur Russell documentary with a limited run at IFC and the new installations this fall at the Dia Beacon. Thanks guys!

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