Marco & Kathrin

You recognize this glow, right? It’s the same one we’ve seen in more than a few couples at 99. It’s accompanied by sweet soft spoken conversations, peaceful evenings and a quiet knowing. Usually we ask ourselves, what is it with these two? They’re so at ease with each other. What’s their secret? And then…dropped in quick in conversation on a night at the end of their stay we get the news: there’s going to be a baby!


Franck Dubois

Franck is a graphic artist who covers all aspects of the trade – be it print, web or just plain visual info. He stayed here solo ’cause his lady hates to fly and made his way around the city from exhibit to exhibit. We chatted over typography and pixels and traded tips about the bed and breakfast biz – since him and his wife also run a sweet guest house complete with a bakery downstairs!

Derek’s back

‘Member Derek? Well, here he is again; this time working for the Russians from the safety of our Chinatown abode. An enigma in stripes, D conducted business in a hush-hush manner, all the while playing the part of a perfect roommate. And boy, can he cook a nice looking omelette.

Mummy & Wayne

If this lady looks familiar to you, it’s not because it’s Jen: it’s Jen in, well, you know, a few years. Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is the lovely Cynthia Smith in from sassy and sunny Sarasota. When she’s not boating with Wayne or playing tennis with her buds, she’s up here helping us BBQ with the best of ’em at Prospect Park. And that’s from 8:30 am on, for those of you who are wondering what it takes to get a picnic table around those parts these days.

The French Lovers

You know how teenagers are so cute when they are in love? They roll around in bed till 11am giggling at nothin’ and can sit at the computer together and just look at stuff and laugh. But you know what they can’t do? Buy beer.

Abbey & Matt Return!

Abbey and Matt got all glammed up for their return visit to us. Are those new glasses Matt? And Abbey….that hair! Per usual, the two come in just for the weekend and use 99 as their home base while they explore the city. Come back soon, you two.

This dynamic duo, friends of Jori our neighbor, stayed with us for just two night. Can you guess which one’s mom?