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—–  We’ve closed but let us do the crying.  You just go on roaming the world like you always do with less than $100 in your pocket for each constant night’s sleep.  We’ll keep track. —–


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Some people radiate so much beauty that a mere glance towards the camera would send the lense shattering in so many pieces it could never be repaired. Turn your back all you want Paula, we’ll remember you like you stayed with us for a whole year. We hope you guys had a nice adventure and that you take some photos your home for us.

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Franck Dubois

Franck is a graphic artist who covers all aspects of the trade – be it print, web or just plain visual info. He stayed here solo ’cause his lady hates to fly and made his way around the city from exhibit to exhibit. We chatted over typography and pixels and traded tips about the bed and breakfast biz – since him and his wife also run a sweet guest house complete with a bakery downstairs!

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