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Ulrike & Marcus

Ever been somewhere that looks like paradise and then it is? If you were there when we were there and you thinking the same thing, then we were all in U and M’s home town of Prenzlauer berg. See those big smiles? That’s because they are going back to heaven, to sunny streets sprinkled with green parks covered with thrifty items for sale to be place in spacious apartments upstairs from cafes that turn to drinking holes as the sun sets. Bon Voyage!


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Andreas & Johanna

Don’t be afraid of Andreas’ big bad looks here; he’s actually jolly as can be. With Johanna at his side he marched in with deep approval for our little home and heartily accepted our warm welcome. Though these guys only stayed a few nights before they went along to Karina’s house around the corner we got the sense that their stay would be a great adventure.

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